By Lily Satterfield

    I sat down with the subject of my interview in a well lit place; my favorite salad joint, the
    Roxy. I had prepared a few questions for the well put together woman sitting in front of
    me. Her blond hair and athletic body was a sign of her focus in life. I looked forward to a
    glimpse of her world, the absolute world of us and them, the world view of a fighter in a
    silky blouse. Yes, there she was, a full grown Scorpio, and some would say she has an
    unfair advantage over other women. You see, she has a sixth sense about people, and she
    has an intuitive feel about what she wants. She is capable of penetrating observation and
    stealthy pursuit. She is a natural to hold all the cards and never tell anything she does. She
    makes a friend of forever loyalty, but her motivations are obscure sometimes, even to

    During sex, the Scorpio man or woman is engaged in the pursuit of their soul. Sex is the
    activity which is most aligned with their true desires, but any activity which requires a
    purposeful and powerful focus will do. Their drive is to bond with the love, the other, the
    One. Sex is mystical and can be the most valuable and valued thing he or she does, as it
    can be a healing and cathartic experience.

    The trouble is most people are not ready or even open to extremes, and Scorpios feel
    misunderstood. Actually, the Scorpio sign plays a special role in human society as an
    exemplar of extremes.

    They are to be found working wherever people need help during a crisis, for example, police
    and fire personnel. They are great at all areas of finding out and exploring, as in surgery
    and science. Where ever a steady nerve and confident focus are required, our friends born
    in late autumn are there. You can't keep a secret from a Scorpio, Eventually, he or she will
    find out.

    What does this have to do with the Goddess? Well, this is a little complicated, but here
    goes. Back in the beginning of Astrology they used to regard the sign of Scorpio as wholly
    governed by the planet Mars. After all, the planet Mars is a symbol of a very visible and
    simple and understandable drive in humanity. It is the masculine and adventurer energy, the
    boyfriend of Venus, the Goddess. He is Her consort, and as such, he has a rightful open
    and acknowledged place in the world as a protector and paternal figure to all of the
    Goddess children.

    Cut to modern times, when we have decided that the sign of Scorpio is also ruled by
    another planet, the God of the Underworld, Pluto. Suddenly, nothing is simple. The world of
    covert complexity has become great. With the symbolism of Pluto we can begin to
    understand the modern age of mass population and mass control. With the modern age
    began the re-assignment of Scorpios to serve not as protectors of the Mother’s children
    but as police types, whose specialty is to survey and control the populace. The natural drive
    to protect is corrupted into the mission to control. This is the dark side of Scorpio.

    Scorpio can decide to play the deceit game or the honesty game, it is all the same. They
    must win. Focus and discipline are two of the powers of this sign, which, used together,
    equip the Scorpion with his formidable weapon, the stinger. The stinger is the application of
    the force and focus of the mind. Then you see the true warrior emerge.

    To fulfill citizenship in Sparta, you had to serve in the military. The God of war, Mars or
    Aries was the predominant figure in their pantheon. Many Scorpios find occupations in the
    forensic, research arm of the governmental, military, educational and industrial worlds. In
    other words, they make good spies.

    Generally, Scorpios know that they are snoops. They will tell you not to expect otherwise.
    All of the astrology books say that the Scorpio is jealous and obsessive as well. Why have
    the writers focused on the negative side of the Martian character that Scorpio has?

    My client, whom I will call Claudia, tells me of her world, where she is a snoop for the halls of
    power. When we sit down I am struck by her aura of power, focus and command. It helps
    that she is physically fit, and her gaze if steady with health. But that is the outside of my
    mysterious lady. I was here to find out what the inner woman was all about, and to help
    her. She has been unhappy lately. “Lets get back to Pluto, ok?”

    She laughed, but it was a nervous one. Her armor was feeling the onslaught of my Aquarian
    laser beam.

    “Why do you show resistance now, Claudia? Was dad just too demanding of you? Did you
    feel like mom was a wimp, who sold you out? Many Scorpio women get this army brat
    syndrome of running after the father while fighting a rearguard action against mom and all
    other women. There is a feeling of lifelong crisis for your sign, and when there is no crisis,
    you make one happen. How do you plead to these charges?” She just looked at me,
    confused by my knowing her motivations.

    She replied. “How do you know this stuff, did you go through my mail? I thought I was
    getting my fortune told.” I saw the prim perfect makeup start to moisten up. I reached for a
    tissue, which she took gracefully. Her nails were elegantly manicured in the French style.

    Then it struck me: the animal called the scorpion is hard on the outside, soft as jelly on the
    inside. She is derived from the male archetype, but overwhelmingly, her nature is feminine.
    Thus, we see that the opportunity here is to create a strong woman image, tough and
    invulnerable, based on the Goddess sending a strong energy to protect her own. She can
    be fiercely protective of anyone or anything she feels is hers. Archetypal images of warrior
    women will do a fair job to describe this combination of feminine intuition and pure

    The Scorpio who is aware of their power and who handles it well is a pleasure to have
    around. He or she listens like no other, intensely, which assures their loved ones of their
    involvement. Be careful what you complain about to your Scorpio friend, they might offer to
    go fix things, off the radar, of course.

    Claudia seemed resigned now to my knowing things she had not told me. Because of her
    own acknowledged psychic ability, she could get a feel for what I was doing. She has always
    used her stealth power to her advantage. When it comes time to reveal, Scorpios need a
    safe place or at least knowledge that you are stronger. Then they will yield, and yielding is
    the pleasure of creation. The daughters and sons of Mars are fantastic creators who are
    constantly researching and flushing up facts and resources to work with.

    An example of a Scorpio celebrity is Jody Foster. She shows the tight control of her face
    and body, the fierceness it there too. She is private, and she makes sure the media knows
    what she wants it to know. She can tackle challenges in a man’s world, which is today’s
    world, overwhelming for many men.

    Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio: power and sex have a big role in her life. Her husband was the
    president, and the whole time sex played a major role. His infidelity and her public shame
    were nothing. She is strong enough to create her own image, and go on after her
    husband’s presidency to her own political career.

    Marilyn Monroe, the famous actress, had Scorpio ascending at her time of birth. Her life was
    as Scorpio as they come, with mystery around both her partners and her death itself. Her
    Scorpio ascendant made her super sexy and magnetic, yet encouraged her to court
    powerful men and dangerous ones too. One such man was Sam Giancano, the mobster,
    whom she was dating at the same time as she was seeing John Kennedy and Bobby
    Kennedy, married politicians and Giancano’s sworn enemies. Could you get into any stickier

    The dark aura of some people is because of what they think and what they do. A Scorpio
    aura can go bright to dark in a flash, so be aware of what makes your Scorpio love happy.
    Encourage him to pursue positive thinking with the same passion they devour mystery
    novels and forensic crime shows on TV. It‘s all in the motivation.

    Claudia’s makeup was a trifle smudged by the time our reading was done. The waitress had
    cleared our salad plates, and we were standing up. Claudia grabbed the check. She is an old
    fashioned lady, who always takes care of her own and sees to her financial responsibility.
    Money is power, and Scorpios control money in their own lives. The partner is secondary;
    Scorpion needs to run the books. This leads to conflict with Taurus and Leo, two of the
    best sex partners a girl ever had, but sometimes from her point of view they are stubborn
    and demanding. No, it is she who must control the resources to make sure everything is
    done her way.

    She owes no apology for this. Dominance is too deeply embedded in the character of a
    Scorpio to resist this trait. We have a cultural bias against female dominance. When you
    meet a person of power and dominance, like Ted Turner, Martin Scorsese or George Patton
    (all Scorpios), you will love the feel of that! A woman can be just as dominating and thrilling
    as a man when she shows her power. Nadia Comaneci, the gymnast, actress Grace Kelly
    and musician Bonnie Rait are all Scorpios too.

    As I said goodbye to my subject, I was struck by the magnetic power of her aura. “Claudia,
    have you ever heard of Reiki? I think you are a natural at it!”

    Her clear blue eyes drilled into mine. “I have been looking for something to take the focus
    off myself. If it gives me an outlet for my need to help and heal I will pursue it! Thanks,
    Lily.” I tried to watch her go, but she rolled up in her trench coat and slipped into the night
    fog, melting away from my sight as if she were Pluto with his cloak of invisibility. She was off
    to pursue the work of a private soldier in an army of passionate hearts, determined to take
    charge but begging for someone to show the understanding of her steely ways. Wealth,
    status, power and command are all very well, but finding someone to love, protect and heal
    is the true mission of the autumn born children of the Goddess. I said a little prayer that
    the Mother will guide her stealth soldiers into a safe harbor.